Welcome to my website!

My name is Oliver and I'm a 19 year old professional cyclist from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I'm currently racing and training out of Victoria, British Columbia. 

I first started riding a bike when I lived just outside of Portage La Prairie. Living in the country meant that few people were around, so riding my bike up and down the gravel road and through the farmers' fields gave me something to do. I liked to go fast, and I quickly learned that I had a competitive nature as I would try to race anyone who joined me on my rides.

I was absolutely delighted when I discovered that bike racing exists. I was 11 when I was introduced to cycling as a sport. I had moved to Winnipeg a year prior to joining a local Kids of Mud club called Wolseley Wheels. Some friends from my class were involved and their parents were coaches. The number one objective of the club was to have fun. I had a lot of fun, and we did four mountain bike races that year. I liked the racing more than the riding though, and soon had to find a way to race more.

The Manitoba Provincial Program was the answer. With them I could race road, cyclocross and mountain bike. When I was 12 the team Manitoba coach, Jayson Gillespie, let me join the developmental program, and that was it. I was hanging out and training with older cyclists who were just as competitive as me, and best of all, I got to try my hand at road racing. Road soon become my passion, and after a couple years in all three disciplines, I started to focus on road. I dropped mountain biking, but continued to race 'cross in the fall.

After a few years with Team Manitoba, I needed to join a team that could get me to some bigger races. Manitoba doesn’t have enough racers to have a competitive high-level race scene, so eventually athletes have to move on. Of course, Team Manitoba is still and always will be my family, but in order to keep racing I had to move.

I managed to secure a position on Accent Inns/Russ Hays for the 2015 season as a first year Junior and category 2 racer. A concussion in June, 2015 ended my season pretty quickly, but manager Jon Watkin was happy to invite me back for 2016. That year was a bit of a breakthrough year for me. I got my best results and moved up to category 1, and was invited to race for H&R Block Pro Cycling for 2017.

My first year with H&R started quite disappointingly. After over-training through the winter, I finally addressed my struggle with depression and anxiety. In March, 2017 I decided it was necessary to hang the bike up and focus on my health. After three months off the bike, I got back on in June. I haven't stopped riding since, and don't plan to anytime soon.